"Ye ô" displayed in Los Angeles
at Brainded Studio
with IamSound and Zora.co


frame of the movie "anatomy of diaspora" directed by Janice, displayed at Oxford Circus, London 2022 

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-06 at 15.36.53.jpeg

"boobs are just art piece"
displayed in Los Angeles at 
SuperChief Gallery, 2022

trailer of the movie "Anatomy Of Diaspora"
displayed at Flannels, London 2022

"natureza performatica" displayed at "jardim becks" at Galeria Luis Maluf in São Paulo, October 2022

"LODO" - enclave coletivo exhibition, São Paulo 2021 

35mm moments about cutie BPoc festival 💙.jpg


Cutie Bipoc Festival - Berlin 2017